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Referred to Committee on Education

A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION declaring *[Bruce Springsteen to,be the New Jersey Pop Music Ambassador to America and calling for the adoption of his song,]* Born to Run; as the unofficial theme of our State's youth.

1 WHEREAS, Bruce Springsteen, who was born in 1949 in Freehold,
2 Monmouth county and grew up amid the friendly, tranquil, small-
3 town atmosphere that exists in that historic county seat, and who
4 came to know well in his youth the sights, sounds and styles of
5 summer life on the beach and boardwalk of that nearby ocean
6 resort town of Asbury Park, today is recognized as one of pop
7 music's most talented and outstanding performers, as well as one
8 of its most influential and innovative artists; and
9 WHEREAS, Bruce Springsteen, through his special ability to trans-
10 form his experiences and environments, many of them framed
11 and shaped by his youthful years as a resident of the State of
12 New Jersey, into vivid musical compositions, and in his unique
13 fusion of the diverse traditions of rock music, percussion produc-
14 tions and urban rhythm and blues, has touched a universal chord
15 of music, experience and life-force among today's youth; and
16 WHEREAS, Bruce Springsteen's talents as a singer-songwriter, from
17 his debut album, Greetings From Asbury Park, N. J., through his
18 dramatically detailed soul and Latin-tinged album, The Wild,
19 The Innocent and the E Street Shuffle
, and in his galvanic album,
20 Born to Run, whose title song has achieved anthem-like status
21 throughout the world and has been adopted as their song by the
22 teenagers of New Jersey; and
23 WHEREAS, Bruce Springsteen's live performances, particularly
24 with his E Street Band, have been hailed as the most exciting
25 shows on the world concert circuit, in which this young musician's
26 seemingly unlimited energies and enthusiasm, plus his genuine
27 modesty and honest concern for providing his faithful audiences
28 with a performance they deserve, all serve to enhance his well
29 earned reputation as New Jersey's Pop Music Ambassador to
30America; now, therefore,

1 BE IT RESOLVED by the General Assembly of the State of New
2 Jersey (the Senate concurring)
1 1. That this Legislature salutes the outstanding musical talents,
2 abilities and achievements of Bruce Springsteen; pays tribute to
3 his preeminent status as an artist and performer; commends him
4 for providing entertainment, enlightenment and enrichment to
5 peoples throughout the world; expresses its appreciation for the
6 recognition which he has brought to the State of New Jersey;
7 wishes him continued success and fulfillment in his career.
1 2. That thus Legislature declares *[Bruce Springsteen to be the
2 New Jersey Pop Music Ambassador to America, and calls upon the
3 young people of all ages throughout New Jersey to adopt his songs]*
4 Born to Run as the unofficial *rock* theme of our State's youth.
1 3. That a duly authenticated copy of this resolution signed by
2 the President of the Senate and attested by the Secretary thereof,
3 and signed by the Speaker and attested by the Cleric of the General
4 Assembly, be presented to Bruce Springsteen.

EXPLANATION -- Matter enclosed in bold-faced brackets [thus] in the above bill is not enacted and is intended to be omitted in the law.

Tell Your Representatives:
Springsteen DESERVES Official Recognition!

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